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Just wanted to pass on some feedback on Rosie Maynard, who has been doing a fantastic job of managing my property. I've been so happy with the level of service, follow up on issues and the management of tenants. I was recently looking back at the history of my property and had been through other management agents over the years, all of whom promised a lot when I engaged them but fell well short as time progressed. It has been about 3.5 years since Attree took on the management of my property and I have nothing but praised and confidence in the service I have received in that time. Rosie has been my manager from the onset and the continuity of one manager has made my life so much easier in respect to the property.

I would like to simply pass on my thanks and admiration for Brian Collins, who has been my property manager for my place in Thornlie for the past two years.

At all times Brian has ensured he is timely, professional and communicates quickly and effectively with both myself and the tenant. At all times I have been confident that Brian is committed to managing my property to the absolute best of his ability, despite the many other properties he manages, and I have been so grateful to have had such a diligent and effective property manager working in my interest.

I thank Brian for all his exemplary work over the years, and more broadly, thank all at Attree Real Estate. I was recommended this company and would not hesitate to recommend your company to others, as your level of customer service has been second to none.


Shae Greig

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